Policy & Procedures



Consulatations:  Consulations are required for all new clients. There is a $30 consultation fee that would be deducted fron your first visit.).  

Cancellation/No Show:   Please inform us if you need to cancel at least 48 hrs prior to you appointment time. Failure to provide 48 hrs notice will result in a cancellation fee of $35 for your first cancellation, and a cancellation fee of 100% of your scheduled services for your second cancellation.


In the event of chronic cancellation/reschedule (2 or more) we may refuse to schedule an appointment time and request you come in as a walk - in basis, which will not guarantee you being serviced.


If you cancel a recurring appointment two (2) times or more you may be subject to lose your recurring time slot.



Lateness:  Please be aware that there may be another appointment scheduled after your appointment time, therefore late arrivals may subtract time away from your services and may not guarantee services being rendered which will be considered as a cancellation of service



Additional Services:   If services requested are more than what was scheduled for, the services will be performed only if time permits. Clients hair must be ready for service (i.e. combed thru, detangled, no braids, weave etc).  

Pricing Policies:   Jonathan Markel Salon Inc, and its affiliates reserve the right to modify service prices without advance notice. No warranty or guarantees are expressed or implied as to the accuracy of the pricing on the web site with respect to the product and / or service pricing.



Payment Methods:  We accept cash, Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.  Checks are accepted on a case by case basis.


Returned Checks:  A returned check will result in a $30 service charge plus the face amount of the check to be paid immediately.



Children:   Children are loved, but for the safety and comfort of our clients and staff, please do not bring children who are not being serviced. Children who are being serviced must be willing and ready to be serviced. If a child is not able to be sit quietly and cooperate with the stylist than the service will need to be cancelled at the parents expense 

Waiting Area: The Jonathan Markel Salon waiting area is for clients only, unless when servicing a minor child in which case an adult must be present

Loss/Damage:  Jonathan Markel Salon Inc. and its affiliates shall not be held responsible or liable for any damage or loss to personal belonging.